Sell your games

Looking to trade your games out for something new?

We’ll Sell your used games for you

Interested in cleaning house with your game or puzzle collection? Bring it down to The Missing Piece and we’ll sell it for you! Our Used Games and Puzzles Program is pretty simple and easy. Here’s the details:

  • We don’t buy the game from you; we sell it on your behalf. You set the price, based on however you want to value the item.
  • We will shrink wrap the game and put it on our shelves with all the pertinent information from the form you fill out below.
  • After a few days of the item selling, we will give you 70% of the price that you set in store credit. (Cash is not an option.) You can use this credit to buy new games, other used games, or treat yourself to your favorite items from our cafe.
  • If your item doesn’t sell after 60 days…we may contact you to pick it up and take it back home, but often we are happy to let it stay a while longer. If you want to reclaim an unsold item after 60 days, let us know.
  • No discounts or promotions will apply to purchase used items (after all, we don’t own them)!
  • We do reserve the right to refuse to sell any items at our discretion.

Once you’ve submitted the form below for each item you want to sell, bring them in to our shop.  We cannot accept items that have not had a form filled out for them.  So that there’s room on our shelves for everyone who wants to sell their used games, please submit no more than 5 games at a time unless you clear it with us ahead of time.  If you have any questions about selling your games through us, please contact us.

Please note: Sales tracking and applying store credit for our Used Games and Puzzles section are very manual processes. Therefore, you won’t receive automatic notifications when your item is sold or when store credit is applied under your name. You can request a report on your credit amount or a listing of sold/unsold items at any time by emailing us at hello@themissingpiecegames.com (please allow a few days to check our sales records and make sure your store credit amount is up to date). You may also simply request to know how much store credit you have on file by asking in-person at our register.

  • The price you set is non-negotiable.
  • Please fill out if applicable
  • Required if the item was kept around pets
  • For The Missing Piece Games team

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